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Hidden Tzaddikim, The 36

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Question: Who or what are the 36 holy people? I get the gist of such people being alive at one time, but are they still around? What is their purpose? Is it all a mystery? Response: Our holy books say that every generation actually has a minimum (there ma...
After many years as a member of the society of "hidden tzaddikim", living under the guise of an ignorant clay-digger, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov was instructed by his masters to reveal himself and begin to publicly disseminate his teachings. This he did o...
Late one night, there was a knock on his door. On his threshold stood an old man with a long white beard and a countenance as radiant as the heavens
After completing the circumcision, as he dipped his finger in the wine to place a drop in the baby’s mouth, the Chatam Sofer called out: “When wine goes in, secrets come out.” Seventy years were to pass before the significance of the great sage’s words wo...
When the man saw me he asked: "What is a small child doing all alone in the forest? Are you not afraid to be in the forest all by yourself?"
The holy beggar's face was transformed. His eyes began to glow with a divine light, and his coarse features assumed a sublime grace...
Moshe was known to frequent the local watering holes, whiling away entire nights in a drunken stupor.
One winter’s night, the family lay sleeping. Suddenly, they were awakened by a knock on the door. Clutching a candle, the teacher hastened to open the door. There he found a man half frozen and covered in snow.
Rumors began to swirl that she and the tavernkeeper were up to no good.
The students of the Arizal discover a unique household
The students of the Arizal discover a unique household
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