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A sunny day gets even better with a cool set of shades. So does life.
I think that the biggest learning curve is that I need to be conscious, at all times, of what I am doing and what I am eating. To be healthy requires planning, and it doesn’t come naturally. Or, maybe it comes naturally, but it certainly doesn’t come easi...
Doctors discovered that Houben had an almost normal level of brain activity. He was suffering from a form of "locked-in syndrome," in which people are unable to speak or move but can think and reason.
Ice on the Moon?
The satellite has been destroyed and we do not yet know whether any water has been found. But as I thought about this tremendous expenditure in the name of finding a tiny bit of water, a few parallels came to mind about our lives as Jews...
When I was younger, guys like Superman and Batman were my heroes. Their big muscles gripping their huge guns made boys my age want to emulate them. Not much has changed since...
Parents of young children know how emotionally attached they can become to their soft toys or security blankets. But do adults also hold on to some "spiritual security blanket"?
Kabbala Toons: Episode XVII
You are not your spacesuit
Kabbalah Toons: Episode XVI
Keep your head in the sky…and feet firmly on the ground.
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