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Body & Soul

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The Origins of Body and Soul
Where do bodies and souls come from? According to Kabbalah – from very different places! In this lesson we take a Kabbalistic tour of the cosmos and discover the unique (and opposite) origins of body and soul. Along the way we'll encounter the Divine Char...
Eating comes naturally; drinking and sleeping come naturally, but praying and studying Torah Seems to take much effort.... The Chassid, who invests sweat and tears in long hours of prayer and study, feels no satisfaction. Instead he yearns for the time wh...
Judaism & Asceticism
Would you take a sublime and transcendent spiritual being and lock it up? That's what G-d did when He sent your soul to earth. What was He getting at?
A king asks his advisors to guard a box of jewels while he is away. They learn a powerful lesson in the process.
Rabbi Kaplan explains what happens when the soul leaves the body and the concept of a Yahrtzeit. How is it that Chabad copes after the 3rd of Tamuz -- the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory. What is the significance of the passing of a tz...
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