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Body & Soul

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On the "hard" problem of consciousness, Hasidic panpsychism, and the transformation of the abject into the exalted
You think I'm a dumb hamburger with eyeballs. You think I'm filled with self-serving, egoistic, narcissistic stuffings, a real me-bag. But I know a truth that you don't...
Shades for the Soul
A sunny day gets even better with a cool set of shades. So does life.
The Relationship Between Body and Soul
Rabbi Steinsaltz opens by discussing the definition of the biblical word "Nefesh." He then elaborates on the symbiotic coexistence between the soul and body, drawing on sources from the Torah and Midrash. He closes by presenting a Talmudic parable that at...
I think that the biggest learning curve is that I need to be conscious, at all times, of what I am doing and what I am eating. To be healthy requires planning, and it doesn’t come naturally. Or, maybe it comes naturally, but it certainly doesn’t come easi...
I was forced to internalize the truth that had been coated with ice cream and couch potato for too long . . .
Letters and Numbers of Torah—Chayei Sarah
Abraham and Sarah, Soul and Body
“Sarah died . . . and Abraham came to eulogize Sarah and to cry over her.” (Genesis 23:2) The word “to cry” is written with a small letter “kaf.” What is the meaning of this small letter?
One Minute Meditation
Spiritual Sunglasses
Your body is like sunglasses for the soul.
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