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Miriam Bat Bilgah

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The Indestructible Jewish Spirit
In this class we probe deeper into the perplexing story about an apostate woman named Miriam from the family of Bilgah who displays great disrespect in the Holy Temple. This seemingly pejorative anecdote of the Talmud, in the final analysis, reveals a tru...
Does it matter who your neighbor is?
In this class we explore a perplexing story the Talmud relates at the end of Tractate Sukkah about an apostate woman named Miriam from the family of Bilgah. Like so many teachings of the Talmud known as Aggadata, this mysterious passage contains profound ...
6 Tishrei, 5735 · September 22, 1974
The Talmud relates that Miriam bas Bilga abandoned Judaism, married a gentile Greek officer and accompanied the Greeks as they stormed the Holy Temple. She then went and pounded the Holy Altar with her sandal, crying out: “Wolf, wolf! You consume the Jewi...
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