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Pain, Suffering & Tragedy

Knowledge Base » Human Being, The » Psychology & Behavior » Pain, Suffering & Tragedy
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A Taste of Text—Shemini
A Reaction to Personal Tragedy
Though we are not expected to react like Aaron, our own lives are rarely easy. To accept life’s challenges, we need to cultivate our faith that G‑d runs the world.
Can we make peace with this?
Why is it that the biggest question we have for G-d receives no better answer than heaven's silent tear?
Question: Why would G‑d take a father by a massive heart attack as he's dancing at his daughter's wedding? None of the upwards of 50 Rabbis at the wedding could save my brother-in-law, nor could the doctors. I don't understand how this can happen. I don't...
Please don't tell me "We can't understand G‑d's ways." I am sick of hearing that. I want an explanation
I live with constant pain. How do I cope?
The Rebbe spoke about the suffering in the world, and when he came to these words, began to choke and sob: If He is truly capable of anything, then why can’t He provide good without the bad? And if His Torah contains the answers for all questions, why doe...
It was an eerie feeling as the orbit of the planets suddenly swung into reverse. The moon was no longer receiving and reflecting light; as though sucked inwards, radiance flowed from the moon to the sun...
Faith Amid Tragedy and Pain
The single greatest challenge to faith is when experiencing tragedy or loss. Can we make sense of the bad things that happen in our world, and how should we deal with these challenges? What is the Jewish approach when faced with grief and suffering? Must ...
Philosophers and mystics are fond of pondering G-d’s oneness, perfectness, goodness, omniscience and amazingness. War, disease, school classrooms and the view from the New Jersey Turnpike get blamed on us.
Rabbis don’t like answering this question. Not because they can’t. Because of the risk.
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