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Descent for the Sake of Ascent

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To become a bigger something, you gotta be a nothing in between.
To become a bigger something, you gotta be a nothing in between.
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 5
King Solomon says that a righteous person will "fall seven times and get back up." Why must we suffer a setback before we forge ahead? Guest Expert: Rabbi Mendel Kaplan. (From "Messages" -- Season 4, Episode 5)
Deep Sea Diving
When you stay connected above, you never really fell below.
The purpose of the soul's journey from on high into this world.
Descending from on high to enter the body, the soul struggles to find its place in this world. The Lubavitcher Rebbe charts a path for it to discover its purpose and attain new illumination through its decent.
Parsha Lech-Lecha
The narrative of Abraham’s journey to Israel demonstrates how superficial setbacks in life are really a springboard to success.
How should we react when faced with tragedy?
Looking at various perspectives on the destruction of the 2nd Temple and two central approaches to tragedy. Is it proper to react with grief and mourning? Or can positivity be glimpsed through the darkness?
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