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Descent for the Sake of Ascent

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On the essence of lunar time.
Like the moon, your child may be lovely, but he is a reflector. You assert, she believes. You decide, he accepts. You give, she takes. Then comes the chaos of adolescence . . .
The precious jewels had been scattered to the farthest reaches of the globe. How would the king recover that which was most dear to him?
Why are we here? The answers fall under two general categories: for ourselves (to enjoy life, realize our potential, achieve transcendence . . .); or in service of something greater than ourselves (society, history, G‑d . . .)
The purpose of the soul's journey from on high into this world.
Descending from on high to enter the body, the soul struggles to find its place in this world. The Lubavitcher Rebbe charts a path for it to discover its purpose and attain new illumination through its decent.
We’ve just entered a period of time known as the “Three Weeks,” when we mourn the destruction of our Holy Temples, our nation’s dispersion, and the suffering that has been our lot for much of the past 2,000 years. In Hebrew this time is called Bein Hametz...
Parsha Lech-Lecha
The narrative of Abraham’s journey to Israel demonstrates how superficial setbacks in life are really a springboard to success.
It is one of the ironies of life that in order to swing to the greatest height, it is necessary to plunge to the lowest point. Often there’s a “descent” in order to “rise”—a negative situation before the positive.
A desert decree revoked . . . a marriage ban lifted . . . 600 survivors go wife-hunting . . . roadblocks to Jerusalem removed . . . Betar dead buried . . . What is the connection between all of these events?
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