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Lunar time

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On the essence of lunar time.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if Rosh Hashanah would be regular and Passover punctual? And there would be an absolute guarantee that the World Series and Yom Kippur don't clash...
What is so remarkable about moonlight? After all, it is only a weak reflection of the powerful sun...
Nature undergoes fundamental changes in reaction to the solar cycle. With the lunar cycle, however, the only substantial change is in our perception
The lunar calendar must have a special quality beyond its specific function, a pervasive characteristic, to merit its beginning Jewry’s service of G‑d.
It was an eerie feeling as the orbit of the planets suddenly swung into reverse. The moon was no longer receiving and reflecting light; as though sucked inwards, radiance flowed from the moon to the sun...
The confluence of solar and lunar time in the 19-year Jewish calendar cycle
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