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Mindy Rubenstein

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Mindy Rubenstein is a freelance journalist who lives in Florida with her husband and children. She also serves as the publisher/editor of Nishei, a magazine for Jewish women.
This new situation has made me think more of my mortality and to appreciate life, but reading the stories of health-care professionals and hearing about all the death and suffering is taking a toll on even the strongest among us.
The emotion I felt surprised me; there in this small room so full of holiness was my little boy, not so little anymore.
I thought that when I discovered Torah Judaism 12 years ago, it would fix me.
My husband is with me on this journey, and although we are different, we are now working together, as unique individuals with common goals.
Enabling more women to perform an essential mitzvah
Growing up, recalls Rivka, a resident of Southeast Florida, “my father, who never imagined I would one day become Orthodox, said: ‘There are two groups of people you can always count on in this world: Firemen and Chabad rabbis.’ ” While she hopefully will...
Drawing in families and serving longtime residents in a background of art and nature
It’s been a year since the doors of a brand-new Jewish center opened on Vancouver Island, the majestic outpost in the northeastern Pacific Ocean tucked off Canada’s coast, north of Seattle. In fact, the Chabad Centre for Jewish Life and Learning represent...
Chabad campus couple draws the attention of students, and their parents, with a nourishing program
Alex Lustig, a freshman at California Polytechnic State Institute, had come down with mononucleosis, which left him utterly wiped out. He was in need of rest, care and a little homemade food. Once she heard the news, his mother, who lives 16 hours away in...
Elementary-school students and the elderly form bonds as part of a new program
Noam Cahana, a sixth-grader at Rudlin Torah Academy in Richmond, Va., was very candid about the whole experience, from start to finish. “When my dad first advised it, I was saying to myself: ‘This is something only for Scouts.’ To my surprise, I really en...
A small but strong K-8 educational institution is a cornerstone for the community
Galit and Joe Friedman recently moved with their four young children from the heavily Jewish Southeast Florida city of Boca Raton—several hours away and across Alligator Alley—to the slower-paced western part of the state. A cardiologist, Joe Friedman had...
Brand-new facility is under construction in memory of Rashi Minkowicz
For the past 18 years, the Minkowicz family has served as a beacon of light to Jews living in the tranquil Atlanta suburbs of Alpharetta, Johns Creek and other nearby areas. It’s also now been more than two years now since Rashi Minkowicz—the wife of Rabb...
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