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Massacre in Itamar (2011)

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Israel Police blocked off the entrance to Jerusalem and detoured vehicles around the area as more than 20,000 mourners waited silently to accompany the five innocent people to their graves.
In the photo, the night is pitch-black. But there is a light shining through their window. A light that is so bright, it is blinding. And on the wall of their home is a sign that Ruti made, which read, “Hitnaari me’afar kumi, livshi bigdei tifarteich amee...
It’s already thirty nights we are not in this world, my sweet, innocent children. Now we are in a better place...
Parents and Siblings of the Murdered Couple Speak
Home video footage of the Itamar family is interspersed with words from the mourners.
A story of the celebration of life
Two radically different sounds
Sleep eluded me. My thoughts turned to a twelve-year old girl in Israel, and what she found in the middle of the night....
The Fogels of Itamar
At 2 AM, my husband jumps out of bed. My oldest daughter is calling him. Soldiers are at the door. “Is everything O.K.?” I call out sleepily.
Children and parents from New Zealand to New York, stunned by the March 11 massacre of five members of Itamar, Israel’s Fogel family by Palestinian terrorists, have penned countless letters of support to its orphans, extending words of comfort, love and s...
Esther Cohen first heard about last Friday’s brutal terror attack against five family members in Itamar, Israel, by email. Sent by another Chabad-Lubavitch emissary to a list-serve used by other campus Chabad Houses, the message touched a nerve.
In an effort to provide an outlet for the outpouring of international support for the survivors of last Friday night’s brutal murder of two parents and three of their children while they slept in their home in Itamar, Israel, the Jewish website
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