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Women, Femininity & Feminism

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We can handle a lot, even a lot of criticism, but once you involve our children, watch out. Now you are dealing with Mama Bear...
The conflict between the genders, the interplay between the masculine and feminine forces of our world continues. It is a process that is evolving and that each of us can and must contribute to—by pushing our boundaries, questioning our comfort zones and ...
We've come to idealize a world where success has become the most important drive in our lives. Career and achievement takes precedence over the home and family life. The feminine role of giving life and nurturing life is seen as secondary and insignifican...
It is complacency, not questions, that pose a threat to Judaism. Questions propel us out of the lethargy of our comfort zones to dig deeper and discover the greater truths hidden within our eternal Torah.
This past Shabbat, I lectured to a wonderful community of men and women on the West Coast, on the topic of: “Judaism, Making the World More Feminine.” It brought back to mind a discussion that took place a couple years ago, at one evening course that I ha...
Artist’s Statement: "Woman is the Foundation of the Home. In her merit, the Divine Presence rests in the home." (-the Zohar, book of Bereshit)
Artist’s Statement: Symbolic depiction of prayer as a vehicle for spiritual connection between G-d and Jewish people. A prayer of peace for Israel. Every time I hear this prayer, it hits me right in my heart and ignites my feeling of belief.
By Devorah Weinberg
Artist's Statement: I created this work during the pregnancy of my third child. The words of Psalm 27 are written throughout the painting. This Psalm is about faith in G-d's protection. I thought a lot about this Psalm during that pregnancy. The painting ...
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