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Women, Femininity & Feminism

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The feminine mystique means being open to G-dliness beyond rational reason, which brings G-dliness into the world that is infinite, beyond rational reason...
Unravel the enigma of love, marriage and the woman’s role in the world.
If, as King Solomon says, ‘charm is falseness and beauty is vain’, then why does the Torah go to such great length to describe the beauty of the matriarchs. What is beauty? And why do we find it attractive?
Mind Control: The Power of Our Thought, Speech and Action
There are the garments that we wear on our body and then there are the garments that clothe our soul. Join Sara Esther Crispe as we delve into the inner dimensions of our foundational characteristics.
Peering into the lives of three great biblical personalities, Sara, Rebecca and Miriam we can draw from the infinite reservoirs of feminine courage, perception and indomitable faith to meet the many challenges of today's modern woman
Ascribing any type of human characteristics to G-dl is tantamount to heresy. Yet, the Torah refers to G-d in the male tense; “The Holy One, blessed be HE.” Why isn’t G-d referred to as a woman? Discover the true kabbalistic meaning of “G-d & Gender.”
The Kabbalistic writings insist that females possess a higher soul of superior quality. How so, and what does this mean to us?
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