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And when do we double them up?
The Torah is split into 54 Torah portions (Parshiyot), and we usually read one Torah portion each Shabbat. However, there are 14 Parshiyot that, depending on the year, can potentially be paired together, so two Torah portions would be read on that Shabbat...
"ראש חדש ... ביום ... הבא עלינו לטובה" “Rosh Chodesh ... will be on ... which comes to us for good.” (Siddur) QUESTION: It is customary to bless the coming month on the last Shabbat of the preceding month. Why do we not bless the month of Tishrei on the l...
"וילך משה וידבר את הדברים האלה אל כל ישראל...לא אוכל עוד לצאת ולבוא" “Moshe went and spoke these words to all of Israel...I can no longer go out and come in.” (31:1-2) QUESTION: Rashi always uses selected words of the pasuk as a heading for his explanatio...
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