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Loss, Mourning & Consolation

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How to Honor the Departed
One of the most frequently asked questions after someone loses a loved one is for insight as to what they can do to honor and uplift the soul of the departed. Jewish tradition offers guidance for the most significant actions that preserve our connection t...
22 Adar 5748 · March 10, 1988
The Baal Shem Tov teaches that with everything a Jew experiences, he must contemplate what he must learn from it. How much more so when a person loses a loved one, when the verse itself instructs, “The living shall take to heart.“
20 Menachem Av, 5742 • August 9, 1982
In Kfar Chabad, there will soon begin the Bar Mitzvah celebration for the orphans of Israel’s fallen heroes. They commemorate their sacrifice, for their fathers gave their lives defending the Holy Land and its Holy Nation.
What is it like to wake up and see that your healthy child has suddenly passed away? What is it like to watch your dream of having a large family evaporate, as you fight a relentless cancer, and undergo non-stop chemo treatments? Ester Zirkind takes us al...
After she buried four of her eight children from a rare genetic disorder, Devorie Kreiman's son drowned, six weeks before his wedding day. This is her story of healing and faith.
Due to a devastating diagnosis, after the birth of her two daughters, Chaya Hott was told she couldn't have any more children. A decade later, she was given the clearance for one more child. Her pregnancy ended with a son who passed away. Chaya speaks abo...
After death, the soul ascends to heaven in stages and sitting shiva is a final act of compassion we can offer our loved ones before the soul takes its final departure. In this lesson, we will discuss the laws of shiva, the symbolism of the Torah’s mournin...
Nechama Laber shares how the untimely death of her father brought her to reach out to create a place of love for others and helped her raise her child with special needs.
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