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Wealth & Poverty

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QUESTION: "I was wondering if you had any hot-tips on how to improve one's business & finances... ANSWER: NOPE. There are no magic formulas and no instant solutions. The only spiritual "device" is to increase one's merit in G-d Al-mighty's eyes, which...
It seems that the old adage “money can’t buy happiness” has some truth to it. Although wealth has as much as tripled over the past fifty years, mental illness has increased at an equal rate.
Are Red Straps Good for Horses?
It's no fun struggling to make ends meet. There is nothing romantic or exotic about living in a slum. Yet, sometimes it is the toughest times that accentuate our innate goodness.
Abraham was motivated by a love of truth, a fiery will and an aspiration to bring pleasure to his Creator. Seemingly he would be the last person to demand wealth and fame as rewards for his efforts!
Isn't it strange how just because someone is wealthy there is a widespread perception that they are automatically imbued with all other attributes as well?
Is it possible for someone to have bad luck? I am a college graduate, a learned man, but cannot seem to make any money...
Many of the Baal Shem Tov's ways seemed strange to an outsider, but his disciples knew that in the end -- even if it took years -- all would be understood
Parshat Vayishlach
A man with tens of millions, the owner of several homes around the world and a private jet, related wistfully of a colleague who built his own landing strip...
The Meaning of the Sukkah
They're given different names depending on the country that hosts them. Bustees in India, pueblos jovenes in Peru. Shanty towns if you want to odorize the concept. "Slums" if you call it like it is...
It's not what you give that is so precious, it's how much of yourself is invested in the gift.
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