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Wealth & Poverty

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Is wealth a gift from G-d or distraction from Satan?
At times, sharing opportunities may appear at our doorstep, neatly wrapped with a shining bow. At other times, the gift is hurled through an open window, perhaps during a thunderstorm at 3:00 AM. Perhaps when we least expected or wanted it...
The greatest form of charity
I recently completed a major business deal and made a profit of several hundred-thousand-dollars. I live a rather simple lifestyle and was wondering if you could offer some advice on what I should do with the money.
Was all that gold, silver and copper really needed in the mishkan?
Judaism takes an inverse attitude to conspicuous consumption.
The poor man's offering is actually the most rich!
The poor man's offering is actually the most rich!
Psalms of King David 34:11
Has G‑d given you enough money, health, and happiness? Discover the secret to unlocking abundant blessings in your life. Based on the verse (Psalms 34:11), “Those who seek the L‑rd shall lack no good.”
Question: Should one who is blessed with vast wealth spend it on luxuries? Is a wealthy person expected to live with restraint, or is it okay for him to spend his hard-earned money on living a lifestyle beyond that which an ordinary person can afford? How...
What would you do if you had a fortune worth millions?
Millionaire Karl Rabeder decided to give it all away to charity, down to the last penny, or Euro. Would our world be healed if more people did the same? Hardly.
Michael had spent those precious two days moping around his heavily mortgaged home, dwelling on the millions he'd lost in the stock market the preceding Thursday...
I am nauseated by the way the Jewish community honors rich people. Every corner of my synagogue has some plaque in the name of some major donor. If I'm not mistaken, the hand dryer in the men's room is in honor of the ____ family...
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