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As founder and president of an animal-rescue organization, I can say most of the animals we have rescued have the deepest connection to the spiritual world in the most profound, authentic way imaginable.
Question: My husband and I maintain a vegetarian home for ethical reasons. Our kitchen, appliances and utensils have never come in contact with meat, chicken or fish. However, we are not very observant, and I would never claim that we keep kosher. My ques...
Question: I'm a vegetarian. I'm having trouble reading about sacrifices in the Temple and harmonizing that with my worldview. Can you give me a hand here? Response: I can see your quandary, but then, as a vegetarian and a lover of animals, you should appr...
From man I expect good and bad. From G-d I expected only good. Until I learned about the animal sacrifices. Apparently G-d actually wants them. Imagine, a place set aside for slaughter -- in a temple!
If Judaism requires us to be kind to animals, shouldn't we be vegetarians?
I had two arguments this week, one with a vegetarian and the second with a businessman. The crazy part was that my position was the same each time and I even quoted the same verse of Torah to prove it.
Question: I keep hearing and reading various sources stating that it is absolute halachah that one must eat meat on Shabbat. Is this actual halachah, or just a custom (albeit a very widespread one), and what is the reasoning behind this law/custom? The re...
For better or for worse, meat is an undeniable favorite on the kosher menu. Is this good? Let’s have a look . . .
The Torah perspective on vegetarianism and the deeper significance of food in Jewish life.
It’s hard to imagine a Jewish diet without a good deli sandwich; does Judaism leave room for vegetarianism?
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