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Tzaddik (118)
Rasha (5)
It is so easy to want to throw out anything that was ever associated with him. To burn it and leave nothing left. But I can’t. You see, so much of who I am is because of him...
Part Two in a Kabbalistic SciFi Fantasy Series
Click Here If You Missed Part I Without a job, I had a choice between hanging out with friends in the city or jogging in the canyon alone. More and more, I found myself doing the jog. There was always this expectation I would spot Hi’s frail but sprightly...
Pomegranates represent those who are at the lowest possible level of observance.
Mitzvah Studies - Article 4
Surely we don’t need G‑d to tell us that physical violence is not allowed?
"One is the opposite of the other"— the "wicked man who prospers" is antithetical to the "righteous man who suffers." That is to say, the goodness that is in his divine soul which is in his brain and in the right part o...
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