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Refinement & Elevation of Sparks

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Two cows, they were, sharing a paddock on the same farm . . .
Can Nintendo save the world?
It’s confirmed. Nintendo has Kabbalists designing their games.
From the series: Sparks of Things to Come
Coconuts are delicious. But if you don’t know how to crack them, you could be real hungry in a coconut grove.
From the series: Sparks of Things to Come
Everything that exists contains a spark of the divine--it's meaning, it's place in the grand story. Our job is to redeem that spark.
Beyond Repair
Simple language is always best. Tikkun means "fixing up."
Tzedaka - Lesson 8
The spiritual ripple effect of using our material means to give tzedaka.
Elevating sparks comes through the extraneous thoughts that enter the mind during prayer.
Downs and Ups of Exile
My Beloved might be rose-like and I, thorn-like, but like a rose among thorns, we belong together.
The next time you attend a backyard barbecue and see the meat sizzling on the grill, know that your soul is salivating as well.
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