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Life After Death

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As previously stated, Rabbi Schneur Zalman explains in the Tanya that every Jew is composite of two distinct souls. The first soul is the Nefesh HaBehamit which animates the body. This soul is complete with an infrastructure of soul powers ranging from pl...
Originally, this chapter was titled, "Afterlife." Then I came across a reply of the Rebbe to a college student who asked for an explanation of afterlife. The Rebbe replied that there is no such thing -life doesn’t end, it just continues in a higher form.
The conviction in a life after death, unprovable but unshakeable, has been cherished since the beginning of thinking man’s life on earth. It makes its appearance in religious literature not as fiat, commanded irrevocably by an absolute G‑d, but rather ari...
After experiencing the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to move forward while harboring this continual sense of loss.
The Baal Shem Tov taught that the heavenly court has neither the power nor the capacity to judge you for what you have done with the life G-d gave you upon this earth. So this is what they do: They show you someone’s life—all the achievements and all the ...
A true master of life never leaves this world.
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