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Life After Death

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Where do we go? What is heaven and hell? Do we ever get sent back for a second life? Is there any way to make contact with a departed loved one?
My son recently died in an accident. I would like to know if he can see or hear us here on earth. Is he still aware of us now that he is in heaven?
Question: I don't understand why we can't visit my dad's grave until after the first yahrtzeit. My parents were married for 45 years, and my mom is understandably very sad, and would like to visit already. Answer: I'm sorry to hear about your loss. May G‑...
She calls this her “ultimate artwork”—having her body cremated after she dies and then compressed to form a diamond . . .
The Torah assumes this, the Talmud discusses the experiences of several people who made the trip there and back, and classic Jewish works describe the process. You want a real good spacesuit to make this trip
Question: I am married with four children and would like to know -- upon passing from this world will our souls remain as a family for eternity? Will we know each other as we do now? Will I continue to be a parent and have contact with my children's souls...
Question: I have read about the Jewish belief in afterlife. What I want to know is: does my beloved father know -- even now, since his passing -- how deeply I love and miss him, and need him? And, when I die, will I ever again be able to talk to my belove...
Does Judaism believe in an afterlife? From what I’ve read of the Torah, it seems that there is no mention of life after death.
I am almost embarrassed to say it, but I went to my grandmother's grave and begged her to come to my wedding. Did she hear me?
What happens when you die? Where do you go? Is it scary?
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