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Life After Death

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A lesson from our matriarch Sarah
Imagine a discussion between a refrigerator and electricity. The refrigerator is plugged in and it's cooling food. Now, suddenly, the plug is pulled and the refrigerator says to the electricity, "Where do you go when the plug is pulled?"
What is Heaven and why work to get there?
The great purpose in physical life
What is the true living legacy a person leaves after passing on? Learn how the righteous continue to live on and have tremendous impact on this physical world.
How to Honor the Departed
One of the most frequently asked questions after someone loses a loved one is for insight as to what they can do to honor and uplift the soul of the departed. Jewish tradition offers guidance for the most significant actions that preserve our connection t...
What the Living Can Do for the Departed
Discover how we can assist, bring comfort, and form a living legacy for those we hold dear that passed on.
Continuing the bond after their passing
Even after loved ones pass on there are many channels and ways to connect and continue the relationship.
Belief in the Afterlife
What does Kabbalah say about the afterlife, and the eternal nature of the soul? And can this be explained on a human level?
Traditionally, Jews toast with drink saying l’chaim together with family and friends when marking the yartzeit (day of passing) of a loved one. Why celebrate on such a day?
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