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Tzavta V'chibur ("cleaving and attachment")

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Tzavta V'chibur ("cleaving and attachment"): "cleaving and attachment"; the connection with G-d that is the effect of doing a mitzvah. In Chassidic teachings, the word mitzvah itself - which literally means "commandment" - is said to derive from this root word meaning "attachment."
Shabbat Cheshvan 8 5704 Torah lessons: Chumash: Lech L'cha, Shevi'i with Rashi. Tehillim: 44-48. Tanya: R. Isaac Luria (p. 557) ...side of evil." (p. 559). Mitzva is an idiom of tzavta - "joining," "attachment." Whoever performs a mitzva becomes joined to...
"And you who cleave to G-d, are all alive today" (Deuteronomy 4:4). To "cleave" means to join together, to be one. How can this word apply to the relationship of a tiny human being and boundless, eternal G-d?
How can a limited mortal relate to an unlimited G-d? Mankind has pondered this question for centuries. If He is G-d, He is, by definition, infinite and unbounded, and thus above our comprehension. How then can we establish a connection to Him? Our Sages f...
Tzav; Leviticus 6:1-8:36;
Adapted from Likkutei Sichos, Vol. VII, p. 30ff; Vol. VIII, p. 232ff; Vol. XXXII, p. 1ff To Leap a Chasm From the earliest ages, men have been aware of a reality beyond the material a reality which transcends man’s senses and intellect. And yet, that very...
Is there a way for the finite creation to connect with the infinite creator? Yes. That is why G-d gave us the Torah.
Does the mitzvah count if you scrupulously perform the physical details but without feeling?
How do we go about reconciling the irreconcilable and solving the essential riddle of creation?
Do we look at G‑d’s commandments as responsibilities and chores? Or do we see a mitzvah as another opportunity to become closer to Him?
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