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Mar'it Ayin

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Mar'it Ayin: (lit. "what appears to the eye") One may not perform certain actions that appear to be forbidden, even if one is in fact doing them in a permissible way.
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On the rule of mar’it ayin
In my Torah studies I've learnt that not only should you do the right thing, but you should also be seen to be doing the right thing.Should we be more concerned with the “appearance” of doing right (or wrong) or the actual practice??
Even if the Torah forbids a food, one is still permitted to eat kosher food artificially flavored to taste like it. However, if it closely resembles the non-kosher food, it may be necessary to mark it as an imitation.
Parshat Pikudei
A person must behave in a way that is beyond reproach, both the reproach of G‑d and of his fellow man.
Which is more important--Torah precepts or ethical concepts? It is a well-meaning but misguided question
Like all reptiles and amphibians, turtles are not kosher.
Your suggestion that consideration be given to the possibility of operating a number of small businesses which, in addition to providing needed services, would provide financial sustenance for the Lubavitch activities...
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