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Mitzvah Campaign, The Rebbe's

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Mitzvah Campaign, The Rebbe's: campaign, specifically, campaigns initiated by the Lubavitcher Rebbe for the observance of mitzvot
International mitzvah program brings singles and young families together
It’s becoming a familiar storyline: As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, life in urban centers across the world is almost entirely disrupted, and so young urbanites are fleeing the metropolises for smaller, quieter places. Suburban realtors talk of the i...
Pitcher remembered for ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ passes away at age 90
Former Brooklyn Dodger pitching star Ralph Branca passed away early in the morning on Nov. 23 at the age of 90. Most famous for giving up a 1951 pennant-winning home run to Bobby Thomson of the Dodgers’ cross-town rivals the New York Giants—known forever ...
A seven-day trek from Southern California to Washington state
Five yeshivah students from Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Chabad in Los Angeles are utilizing their Chanukah break to spread light along the West Coast. They are in the midst of 3,000-mile trek in a rented RV (dubbed a mitzvah tank) outfitted with large signs and...
The origins of the Rebbe’s ‘tanks against assimilation’
Hailing a yellow cab, grabbing a slice of pizza after a Yankees game, strolling through Central Park . . . these are some of the indelible parts of a New York City experience. So, too, is the sight of yeshivah students clamoring from a converted RV—better...
For seven years, residents of Sderot, Israel, have coped with the threat of exploding Palestinian rockets fired from the nearby Gaza Strip. Rabbi Moshe Ze’ev Pisem has begun fundraising for an armored mobile synagogue to service the terrified population.
A pair of rabbinical students traveled throughout Kentucky this week to meet with Jews living in dozens of small towns.
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