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A lesson in metaphysics
Are things as they appear to be? Or is everything also its opposite? Is heat hot? Or is it cold as well? Is ice fire? And am I no-thing?
A Jewish Approach to Paradox
Confronting an irresolvable paradox need not be an obstacle in our relationship with G-d.
The secrets of the universe are revealed in the act of teaching a four year old to ride a bicycle as Rabbi Infinity demonstrates in real life the wisdom he taught us in "Secret of the Bagel."
Was Adam and Eve's sin part of "the plan"?
What is the connection between Matot and Massei? And why are these two Parshiot are always read during "The Three Weeks", when we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple?
As in any duality, we must determine which side of the coin is dominant and which secondary: Does progress serve tradition, or does tradition serve progress?
It is irrational to believe that an elephant can fit itself through the eye of a needle. But what about the One who brought elephant, needle, size, space and logic itself into existence?
Where darkness meets light and the two embrace, there you will find G-d.
Splitting the Sea
If you catch yourself fitting into a definition, contradict it.
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