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Divine Providence

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Divine Providence: the concept that every event in the universe and every experience in a person's life, and their every aspect, is specifically guided and determined by the Divine will
A little guy drinking coffee in a soul-crushingly boring little diner where the prevalent philosophy is that the lights are “just on” . . .
G-d constantly creates everything and directs each detail with intention and purpose.
Looking back at history we can often uncover a guiding Divine providence in many situations. What about the Divine providence in our own history? How many apparently coincidental events in our lives made us who we are?
The Concept of 'Hashgacha Pratit'
If we know with certainty that G-d is involved and cares about all the details of our world, we can be happier and more empowered individuals.
Getting Over Resentment
Learning how to heal from emotional pain from the past is not just about feeling better. It’s about removing the one thing that most blocks us from living our true lives.
Women and Wisdom: Lesson 4
How important is it to be happy? The chassidic secret for feeling joy and gratitude no matter what is going on in life.
As a remembrance that Jacob's sciatic nerve was damaged in his wrestling match with an angel, the Torah forbids us from eating the sciatic nerve (gid hanashe) of an animal. Interestingly, this also shows us the extent to which every detail of our lives is...
A Taste of Text—Lech Lecha
Things do not always go according to our plans and expectations. In fact, they rarely do.
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