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If you had made yourself you would be toast. But you didn't.
When your life depends upon it, there is only one you.
We can't control the issues we face in life. But we can set the perspective.
A story and message from the parsha on exercising extraordinary courage against unjust authority.
A Jew must live boldly. We can either continue seeking acceptance from others, or begin accepting ourselves. To accept oneself is to live boldly. This boldness should not be with anger or with arrogance, but simply standing firmly in the place G-d has set...
Which verse appears most often in the Torah?
2 Iyar, 5748 · April 19, 1988
Newly elected Knesset Member Benjamin Netanyahu visits the Rebbe: I had much satisfaction from your first speech in the Knesset. Continue along this approach, for it is the best path to avoid war. You will have to struggle with 119 others in the Knesset, ...
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