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Prison; Imprisonment

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Parole (1)
In addition to the advantages for rehabilitation, reduction of recidivism and the like, this talk takes up this issue from a retributive perspective. If prison is intended to serve a retributive purpose should the "punishment" be softened through visits o...
Chaplaincy with soul behind bars
A veteran chaplain to Jews behind bars shares his experiences, inspiration and advice culled from decades of working with people on the margins of society.
A Practical Workshop for Jewish Prison Chaplains
Jewish educator, Rabbi Shmuly Rothman, speaks with prison chaplains about how to maintain self-control in all situations and not be manipulated by others.
Allocating Valuable Resources to Serving Jews in Prison
How communities can determine the priority of helping incarcerated Jews. Keynote speech at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Jewish Prison Chaplains.
The Torah considers denying a human being the ability to impact the world through incarceration as inhumane. Instead, we are responsible to help rehabilitate criminals to contribute productively to a moral and just society. We must ensure that prison acts...
Somebody can put you in prison, but nobody can make you imprisoned.
Punitive incarceration robs people of their humanity and ability to be productive and live a meaningful life.
Retributive justification and its role in incarnation
An exploration of retributive justification and parole in modern legal philosophy, and the role of human dignity in the rabbinic theory of justice.
The Rebbe instructs Rabbi Shabsi Katz, chief Jewish chaplain for South Africa’s prison system, to brighten the lives of prisoners incarcerated in South Africa.
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