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Children of Holocaust Survivors

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Growing up a second-generation survivor
She knew that her mother was unlike other mothers. She knew that something had happened to her, but she was never exactly sure what had happened. Her past was divided into “The War” and “Before The War,” never talking about either...
A Child of Holocaust Survivors Connects to His Parents at Ground Zero
Col. Goldstein reflects on how being at Ground Zero gave him a poignant connection to his parents who were concentration camp survivors.
Rebuilding After the Holocaust
My mother’s behavior was not unique. To be a child of a survivor means being hyper-vigilant, as though this act of vigilance could keep the wolves from their prey . . .
I am a grandchild of Holocaust survivors but I feel haunted as if I went through it myself. I regularly see images of Auschwitz in dreams and flashes. I am sometimes even scared to tell people I am Jewish. Am I crazy?
Looking back on my 58 years as a second generation Holocaust survivor, I am struck by the powerful truth once written by the author William Faulkner "The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past." He was and is still so very right...
Understanding Purim
There was a need to seek the truth. What was the truth about our parents' lives? What was it that they were not telling us? What was the hidden reality that they were concealing from us?
Growing Up as a Child of Holocaust Survivors
When I was a child, I always felt different, an oddity among my peers whose parents had no foreign accents or horrific memories of Nazi death camps...
Like all children with such a background, I am very aware of the fact that it is possible that I may have never been born...
I once brought a friend over for a Shabbat meal at Bubby’s house. Had I realized my friend was a picky eater, I might have chosen to bring along a different guest, or at least warn my friend of my Bubby’s background. But I realized my mistake too late.
Everyone in our world seemed to be a Holocaust survivor. Yiddish-speaking. Check. Accented English. Check. Tattoo. Check. No parents of their own. Check. No stories of their childhood or teenage years. Check.
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