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Panic (7)
Instead of pouring his fear out and onto his people, Moses strapped on a face of calm and fortitude, and went around tranquilly planting seeds of serenity in the Israelite camp...
Even if there is reason to be optimistic about the future, is it socially responsible to focus on a bright future when the present is so bleak?
Hand your mind the reins to your heart, and the black horse of pessimism gallops off into the night.
Maybe you know a woman who checks her stove three times before leaving the house. Or, perhaps you have a friend who refuses to fly on a plane, or who seems to worry excessively about her children’s health...
The Israelites' irrational fear of the Egyptians teaches a powerful lesson...
We were separated from the group, and found ourselves paddling somewhat aimlessly down little back areas replete with lilies, and no visible dry land. A deep fear overtook me...
Remembering Our Purpose
Are you trying to be a perfect wife because you are so hung-up on being perfect? Are you a nice husband because you want to think of yourself as a nice person, or because your wife deserves it?
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