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Smoking (9)
The total number of lives cut short due to smoking is staggering. Do we find that cigarette smoking is indeed forbidden by leading halachic experts of the day?
There is a chain smoker who sits near me in the new office. According to Jewish law, am I allowed to ask him to stop smoking?
The public is enamored by videos of Ardi’s smoking because he is a baby acting like an adult. But in Ardi’s defense, he couldn’t be acting more like a baby! After all, what is a baby if not a little vulnerable sponge, soaking up our every mood, word, and—...
The fearless few who throw caution to the wind and heedlessly plunge into every offered challenge are indeed strange exceptions to our race. So where do all our heroes come from?
An addicted smoker visited a therapist to help him quit. The doctor admitted, “I too used to smoke. I tried quitting by convincing myself that cigarettes are disgusting, harmful to my health, dangerous to my family, and detrimental for my position in soci...
Parshat Massei
The Torah considers one responsible for safeguarding one's own as well as others' health and wellbeing. Presented here is a partial collection of laws pertaining to guarding the life and health of oneself and others.
Building Block No. 3
Let us pretend there is an imaginary doctor living in the sixties. He smokes a couple of packs of cigarettes a day and has an unimportant chronic cough, but is otherwise relatively normal. One day he notices that every patient for whom he prescribes cough...
The students spread out, scouring all paths leading to the field for a gentleman who might lend them a pipe.
Skeptic: Frankly, there is something about your "perfect" world that is disturbing to me. Your premise is that if we all subordinate our subjective goals to serve the Divine purpose in creation, we shall have a messianic utopia on our hands. But if mass s...
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