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I watch her with utter fascination carrying a solitary tiny branch with equal resolve and devotion as her largest piles.
The wind, earthquake and fire – all these were miraculous and astounding phenomena, so why did G‑d choose to appear in the small voice?
Parents of young children know how emotionally attached they can become to their soft toys or security blankets. But do adults also hold on to some "spiritual security blanket"?
As a member of the Jewish people I say, "Pluto, we feel your pain..."
In the Litvin family, “quality time” doesn’t always happen the way it happens in parenting books. In fact, we’ve discovered that it often has more to do with quantity than with quality.
Everything we do takes time, but the greater the quality of our endeavor, the less the quantity of time it consumes. Yom Kippur, which brings us in touch with our deepest, most essential self, occupies less than 0.3 percent of the year.
So much of our life is based on stats. The stock market, the winning team’s scores, our health and fitness tracker; to name a few. Is quality over quantity a worn cliché or a true approach to life? Learn an approach that goes beyond a spreadsheet.
Spending quality time with your children isn’t enough.
Plunging further into the mysteries of the universe, Rabbi Infinity reveals the secret of deep cosmic breathing as he teaches little Miri the fifth letter of the alefbet.
The advantage of quality over quantity in deterring the enemy, and in the battle of the spiritual over the physical.
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