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Noah Dispatches Raven and Doves

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Noah’s dispatch of the dove from the ark: passive and active anticipation.
While every day is a struggle, we are able to make the best of it by realizing that there is a positive purpose to what we are going through.
The Great Flood: the transformation and purification of the world. The generation of the Flood were the closest descendants of the first man, who possessed unimaginable spiritual power, because he communicated directly with the Creator. Therefore the gene...
A selfish society can’t survive, let alone thrive . . .
Noach sends out a dove from the ark
Noach sends out a dove from the ark, the earth dries out and he leaves the ark, and Hashem allows Noach to eat meat.
The Wickedness of the People, The Ark, The Flood, The Flood Recedes, The Raven and the Dove, Noah Offering, The Seven Laws, Covenant with Noah
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