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Tzitzit (Ritual Fringes)

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Tzitzit (Ritual Fringes): (a) Fringed four-cornered garment. (b) The fringes of said garment.
Learn all about the tallit and tzitzit, its meaning and special significance.
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 39
The third section of the Shema contains the mitzvah of tzitzit, which serves as a reminder for our commitment to all of G-d’s mitzvahs, and not fall astray to our eyes and hearts temptations. It concludes with the remembrance of the exodus from Egypt.
Practical Parshah—Shelach
The commandment to attach fringes to the corners of our garments. What it means, and how it is done.
The return of an IDF soldier’s remains from Syrian captivity (and his tzitzit).
Concluding the Maamer "u’Re’isem Oyso" and Starting "Vayikach Korach"
This class is a transition between two Mamarim—the central theme of both, Tzitzis, provides conceptual continuity.
Contemporary Halachah and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
A Constant Reminder
Explore the significance of the ritually fringed four-cornered garment.
A chassidic tale on two approaches to life
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