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What strikes me most about these debates is the flurry of polls that follows them. But I have yet to see the poll which asks the most simple and obvious question...
In a political culture where votes are cast based on party policy rather than personal conviction, where more often than not an opinion is based simply on the fact that the opposing party holds otherwise—one person stands out as a beacon of light.
Kabbala Toons: Episode XV
Good teachers are transparent teachers.
Will it bring relief to the needy, or will it – as the Republicans claim – serve to bankrupt insurance companies and our nation, lead to a government takeover of the health care system, and cause a drastic decline in the quality of our medical care?
Are We Losing Our Morals?
Whether they deserved the bonuses is also irrelevant. Even the fact that these bonuses were given to people who helped create this financial mess is not important here...
Senator Harry Reid made a racially insensitive remark regarding President Obama. He’s apologized. Some have accepted his apology, some have not. Who is right?
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