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Worship of Celebrity
Today's society reveres famous people just for being famous. What is the difference between celebrityhood and true leadership?
Personal reflections on the Rebbe’s approach to leadership
Joseph Telushkin reflects on what we can all learn and apply in our own lives from various stories about the Rebbe’s unique approach to leadership.
Kabbala Toons: Episode XV
Good teachers are transparent teachers.
Every person is expected to become a ‘ruler’ over his surroundings – to make it a proper dwelling place for G-d. At first, a person is ruler only over himself. Later, he becomes ‘ruler’ and leader of his family. Then he goes on to become a leader in his c...
Drawing on the inspiration of the Rebbe, Rabbi Dov Greenberg shares powerful takeaways to enhance and extend our sphere of positive influence and break barriers. A talk at 'One People, One Heart' event, an evening of tribute to the Rebbe in Seattle, WA.
Yaakov, Yosef and Rachel teach us 3 different paradigms in helping someone reach their goals: the visionary, the integrationist and the self-esteem builder.
Moses, Mordechai, and the Lubavitcher Rebbe—leadership under different circumstances.
A Look Back at a 1981 Pre-Inauguration Address by Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson
On the eve of the presidential transition between the Carter and Reagan administrations, the Rebbe provided perspective on the meaning and importance of majority rule, on the need for due gratitude together with disagreement, and on the importance of trus...
Soul Boost for Parshat Pinchas
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