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Elul, Month of

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Elul, Month of: the Hebrew month devoted to repentance and soul-searching in preparation for the High Holy Days; occurs in late summer
Stocktaking and Introspection
A History of Elul... A Haven in Time... Reviewing the Year... Month of the Bride... I and My Beloved... How to grant a blessing... The King in the Field... All about Elul -- the month that G-d feels closer to us and we feel closer to Him
As we approach the High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), we prepare for these holidays during the month of Elul.
Inventory Season
Elul is a time to review the past and look at where you’ve come in life. “The King is in the field,” meaning that the G‑dly spark within you is much more accessible, as long as you search for it.
Holiness requires preparation.
Holiness requires preparation.
Elul is the gateway to the month of judgment and reward.
Elul is the gateway to the month of judgment and reward
Explore the special opportunities available in the month of Elul and the powerful ways to access them.
In explaining the unique properties of the month of Elul, the Alter Rebbe invokes a parable of a loving king who comes to visit his subjects in their world, the ‘field’. An examination of the details of this parable reveals a template for successful paren...
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