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Moods; Moodiness

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Unfortunately, moods can sometimes infringe on our relationship with G‑d, and with our fellows as well. “I am just not in the mood for prayer,” “I am not in the mood for my kids,” “I am in the mood of wasting five hours of my life surfing the Web . . .”
Isn't it better to do less of the obligations but with a fuller heart, than to fulfill them with an unenthusiastic heart?
We all have our moods, our good days and our bad days. However, some people run more or less on an even keel, while others swerve radically from high to low. Kids, too, are more or less moody...
My seventeen year old can be very moody. There are time when he is wonderfully accommodating but other times the slightest request will make him sullen, disrespectful and irritated. Do I just ignore these outbursts?
We don't see the connection between events in our lives. We view others as separate from ourselves. The past is a "memory" and there is no concept or vision of a future. Just like my 2-year-old daughter...
Rabbi Zalman Gopin is a mentor at the yeshiva in Kfar Chabad, Israel. As a student, he once asked the Rebbe about how to best deal with the mood swings a person experiences. He would have expected the Rebbe to say that sadness is a bad thing, unequivocall...
With everything in existence, one must transform things from the potential to the actual and develop them.
My 11-year-old son is absolutely fascinated by fire. So fascinated that he grabs every opportunity to strike a match.
We learn our uniquely designed lessons from our limitations and from our lows. Somehow, we need the darkness for our essence to emerge as well.
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