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Cremation (19)
There are some mourners who turn to cremation as an alternative to burial. In this lesson, we will discuss the importance of burial both for the soul and the ones they leave behind. We will also learn how burial allows the soul to ascend to heaven untethe...
It’s important to know what Judaism says on how to properly attend to the deceased from the time of death to burial. Rabbi Elchonon Zohn, a renowned expert on Jewish burial in our tradition, clarifies the matter.
Parshah Curiosities: Vayechi
Conventional wisdom says that the ideal place for a Jew to be buried is in the land of Israel, yet upon examining classic Torah sources, we surprisingly discover that it’s not that simple—there seems to be conflicting Torah traditions…
A Jewish View
Author Doron Kornbluth, who spent over three years studying the subject, talks about the reasons some people choose cremation, and explains why throughout history Judaism and Jews have insisted on burial.
Practical Parshah—Chayei Sarah
Abraham’s response to the loss of his wife, Sarah, teaches us how to properly honor those who have passed on.
As weeks turned into months, it seemed that my relationship with Yetta was over. I was soon proven wrong. One day, I received an official envelope in the mail from the city hospital Yetta lived in. The letter was headed, "Dear Family Member of Yetta G."
Making the Proper Preparations for Loved Ones
Rabbi Zohn presents the Jewish view on death, burial and the afterlife, and how to pragmatically prepare for it in the Jewish tradition.
The Zohar explains that proper burial in the ground is conducive to the resurrection process and a reflection of belief in the resurrection of the dead.
A rabbi and rabbinical student drive 230 miles to provide a traditional burial
When Rabbi Chaim Schmukler of Chabad of New Mexico in Albuquerque received a call from a Jewish man telling him that his homeless brother was in the city morgue in Amarillo, Texas, awaiting imminent cremation, the rabbi knew he had to act fast. He immedia...
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