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Tzniut ("modesty" in dress & behavior)

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Tzniut ("modesty" in dress & behavior): modesty in dress and behavior
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The Torah View on Women, Beauty and Modesty
Judaism does not vilify physical beauty, nor does it glorify it for its own sake. Torah teaches us the true value of beauty and its appropriate place in our lives.
Women and Wisdom: Lesson 1
The Jewish idea of tzniut (modesty) isn’t just about the way we dress. How does maintaining appropriate personal boundaries help to preserve intimacy?
The fashion and glamor of the wider world can look most alluring. Why, the logic goes, should I stand out like a sore thumb among the rest of society? To that end, dressing in a way that is different to that of the society around us can be a real challeng...
28 Iyar, 5728 · May 26, 1968
Before the Jewish People entered the Land of Israel, the Torah says that G-d “signed the letters of His holy Name upon them.” Our Sages explain that His main purpose was to vouch for the women: Although they had been in Egypt for 210 years, the Jewish wom...
Regulation, Controversy and Experience
Contemporary Halachah from Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
Bess Myerson, winner of the 1945 Miss America pageant, visits the Rebbe “Always remember that you are a queen. May G-d Almighty bless you to always have good news and healthy news – and to show a good example for the tznius, the chastity, of all Jewish wo...
The food that a child eats and the air that he breathes have an important impact on a child. Likewise, the actions of parents have an effect on the child. Here, however, we learn that even the parents’ conduct before the child is born play an important ro...
When G-d commanded Moses to count the Jews, the “greatest” among them counted as one, and the “simplest” among them counted as one. Every Jew is an equal son or daughter of G-d Himself, and is beloved to Him much more than an only child is loved by a fath...
The laws of modesty and length of clothing apply to both men and women. Still, there is a difference, stemming from the distinct virtue which women possess.
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