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The Week In Rejew
Jono makes jokes, get struck by lightning, and figures out how to mute G-fish. Watch, laugh, and maybe drink a soda?
Lyrics Ma tovu oholecha Yaakov mishkensoecha Yisroel Ma tovu oholecha Yaakov mishkenosecha Yisroel The Jewish nation Balak wanted to destroy It was Bilam he decided to employ Balak said curse the people that you see They are becoming too great for me Bila...
Lyrics: This was taught to the Jewish nation A chok is a law with no explanation Even though we don’t understand We observe Hashem’s commands The parah adumah, a special red cow Was brought as a korban the kohen knew how Its ashes were used on a person ta...
Experience the gems of the Parsha with the classic commentaries, and a kabbalstic twist.
Numbers 19:1–25:9
The sixth section of the Book of Numbers opens with the law (or “rule,” chukat, in Hebrew) governing the process of purification from the state of ritual defilement that a person contracts through contact with a human corpse. After this, the Torah’s narra...
"זאת חקת התורה...ויקחו אליך פרה אדמה" “This is the statute of Torah...and they shall take to you a red heifer.” (19:2) QUESTION: Why does it say “Zot chukat haTorah” — “This is the statute of the Torah” — instead of “Zot chukat parah adumah” — “This is th...
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