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Jerusalem: holiest city; capital of Israel; site of the Holy Temple
A calm winding path through the Holy City of Jerusalem serves as the backdrop for this artwork about Shabbat. Scenery and representational architecture of Jerusalem, including the future Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple), are juxtaposed with primary textural a...
Jerusalem, the holiest city, is in the center of the painting representing the body, and surrounding it are the mitzvot representing the soul. All around is the sky representing G-d connecting our land, body, and soul.
Artist’s Statement: Old alleyway in the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem.
Artist’s Statement: I paint city scenes mostly. When I am in the process, I visualize how I want the picture to look, no matter if I need to use medium in an unusual manner to accomplish that. I am a very visual person and have a strong need to express my...
Artist’s Statement: We read in the Torah several times that the Ten Commandments were written on "luchot haeven" - "tablets of stone." Wouldn’t once be enough? The reason it's mentioned a few times is to teach us that the holy Torah is inextricably bound ...
By Cindy Lutz Kornet
Artist’s Statement: My poetic depiction of how Israel might feel includes a bold Magen David (Star of David) displayed with great pride. The painting has energy and movement; I hope you can feel it and more.
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