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Israel, The Land of

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Fire is a powerful thing. It can either warm, illuminate, glow and sustain, or it can burn, disintegrate and destroy...
I know enough about real estate to assume that if a country is a potential target of nuclear war, the real estate market in that location should be at an all-time low. Yet, once again, Jerusalem defies logical assumptions!
Were the houses in Neve Dekalim any less of a home for their families than those in Tel Aviv or Rechovot? Or is a peaceful Shabbat meal in Ashkelon or Beer Sheva any less valuable than one in Sderot?
There is something about settling in a place, living in a place, that can inadvertently take away from tapping into all of its potential...
A tiny street in Safed, which conveys mysterious atmosphere of hometown of the Kabbalah.
When a hurricane approaches, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how big your house is, it matters how many batteries and flashlights and non-perishable food are in your closets. A hurricane is a great equalizer . . .
Love In The Strangest Places
As the settlers kept pressing forward, a policeman would sometimes lose control of himself and start hitting someone particularly hard and begin yelling at him. Person after person was either arrested or beaten...
Despite the fact that every single move a settler makes is recorded and watched, they feel unheard. Even though they live in the Holy Land, they feel hated by their own people... They feel alone...
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