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Is it racist for a Jew to want a Jewish spouse? A series of articles and dialogues on intermarriage
The Basis for the Jewish Opposition to Intermarriage
Certainly, one of the most worrisome and least understood subjects of Jewish life is that of intermarriage. Why is it such an issue, and how are we to deal with it?
If insisting that you will only date Jews makes you racist, does insisting that you will only date men make you sexist?
It seems that the more determined I am to marry a Jew, the more fantastic non-Jewish girls walk into my life. Maybe G-d is trying to tell me something?
A thought-provoking parenting lecture on how to help our children with the challenge of intermarriage. Join Rabbi Eliezer Shemtov, author of “Dear Rabbi, Why Can't I Marry Her? A dialogue on Intermarriage”, for an informative discussion on this important ...
Can I Have a Relationship With Someone of a Different Faith?
Do you believe someone can be in a relationship with a person who has differing religious beliefs or even no beliefs at all?
Practical Parshah - Va'etchanan
The prohibition against intermarriage appears in this week's portion. How does Torah guide Jews in finding Jewish spouses? (This video was shot live on location from Jerusalem.)
Wisdom at the Western Wall
Gutman Locks speaks to young, single Jewish men at the Western Wall about the importance of finding a Jewish wife.
Question: My sister was baptized and has since married and had a child. My mother claims the child is Jewish, but how could that be? If Judaism is a religion, if someone leaves it, she’s no longer Jewish, right? Response: Logically, I would have to agree ...
I have always felt an affinity to Queen Esther from the Purim story. Just like me, she married a non-Jew. And because of it she saved the Jewish people...
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