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Blessing on the Torah

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Parshat Haazinu
The blessings that express our wish to connect our souls and the entire world with the essential holiness of the Torah.
Learn to chant the blessings for the aliyah like a pro!
Learn to chant the blessings for the aliyah like a pro!With the Blessings on the Torah Trainer, start by clicking individual words, learning to pronounce them one by one. Then move on to phrases. Finally, follow along with a playback of the entire blessin...
Why are there additional blessings for studying Torah and what’s their significance? What are women’s obligations in Torah study regarding the blessings? What is the meaning of learning ‘lishmah’ (proper intention)?
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 6
In this lesson we discuss the final touch in the series of morning blessings, which includes the supplementary prayer beseeching G-d to alleviate our challenges in life. We continue with the blessings for the gift of Torah.
Procedure for getting called up to the Torah
In some synagogues it is the custom that the person receiving the Aliyah (the Oleh) wear a Tallit, even if he normally would not. When it is time for the blessing, the reader will show where the Torah reading begins and ends. Touch the beginning and end o...
1. The benediction מתיר אסורים (“He that frees the captives”) comes before the benediction זוקף כפופים (“He that raises the bowed down”). But if one erred and said the latter first, he need not say the former. 2. After the benediction המעביר שנה מעיני (“H...
בָּרוּךְ … עַל דִּבְרֵי תוֹרָה
Yirmeyahu 9:11. Bava Metzia 85b.In his gloss to that passage.The Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch 47:1.See Mishlei 8:30 and commentaries.See the commentary to Baruch SheAmar.On this basis, we can appreciate why the failure to recite the blessings over Torah s...
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