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New Year Resolutions

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Many New Year's resolutions don’t last very long. What is the secret to maintaining our resolve in the long term? Perhaps the secret is shifting focus -- it's not about your improvement at all...
Preparing ourselves for the upcoming New Year and ensuring that our good resolutions stay with us all year long
The Rebbe's Rosh Hashanah Message for 5715 (1955)
On Rosh Hashanah man stands not only before the Divine Judgment, but also before his own.
The Rebbe's Rosh Hashanah Message for 5716 (1956)
Everyone has the ability to make the coming year, a year of very great accomplishments indeed, and G-d, “who desires repentance,” helps to carry out such determined resolutions.
Al Chet
Since at this moment we are full of remorse and are confessing our sins, G-d forgives us. What happened in the past and what may happen in the future is irrelevant.
Once you get inside the brain, you can do just about anything. You can waken memories, restore lapsed talents, alleviate fears, magnify joys, abolish prejudices, stimulate interest and charge up motivation. You can basically re-program you life -- at leas...
Moving around prevents us from laying down roots and building on previous successes. Staying in one place can result in missed opportunities. How do we balance these two important but contradictory considerations?
“The New Year is time to elicit new blessings, with new resolutions and new beginnings.” (Collage)
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