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Waking Up

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…and really mean it
Received wisdom on starting off your day on the right foot-and the right state of mind.
Solid bedrock
When you first wake up, you’re a new creation. The seed of everything you must be, of all you must accomplish, is there then. Grab it while you can.
Step by step
The first words of your day are the trunk of the tree from which every branch of that day will grow . . .
Wake up the morning and tell the sun to rise! If it is the sun that told you to rise, then you are still asleep. If you are awake just because it is day then it is still night. The sensation of wakefulness—that is just the day suspending you above your be...
Get Your Hands Wet!
In the Holy Temple, the priests would wash their hands before their daily service. And every individual is a priest in the temple of his or her home and heart...
Understanding the Modeh Ani Prayer and Netilat Yadayim Washing
The way you get up in the morning, affects your whole day. Here's how to do it right!
In the morning, we alternate. But for bread, we wash each hand three times consecutively. Why the difference?
By Yaakov Bressler
Artist’s Statement: In life, there are things that bother us. Takes messes, for example; we don’t like them. But a mess is a discomforting image only because of the message it sends: “Clean me.” If you never had to clean your messes, you would probably ap...
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