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Going to Sleep

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Sleep (76)
Pack your bags. Actually, unpack your bags.
Everything you need for sweet dreams and a fresh lease on life every morning.
How to go to sleep to be awake
Where will your head be in the morning? Wherever you left it the night before.
What makes a Jewish nightly routine different? Here's how a night time schedule impacted by Torah values can help us end our day on a high note and begin our next day positively.
Question: Now that it’s summer and I don’t have school, I’m having difficulty getting up in the morning. I know I should be going to synagogue each morning, but I always end up rolling over and waking up after 12 PM. I’ve tried going to sleep earlier, but...
How fortunate we are that G-d, in his abounding kindness, wove the institution of nightly sleep into the fabric of our daily lives!
The kids, however, are not nearly as thrilled, and they intimate their displeasure.
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